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How Medicus Staffing Can Help You

We Can Save You Money

Working with Medicus Staffing is the most cost-effective way your company can hire someone on a temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire basis.

You can achieve the correct skill base at the right time without having to tie up money or bear the responsibility of maintaining a large direct hire work force.
Medicus Staffing professionals are on our payroll and not yours - you save the costs associated with overhead, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and benefits like retirement, vacation, sick pay and health insurance.
You also avoid recruitment costs such as advertising, training costs, and the billable hours lost in the interviewing and hiring process.

Medicus Staffing, Inc. temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire assignments give you the best available person at a cost that is usually lower than internal recruiting costs.

To demonstrate this, ask us for a detailed cost analysis. Our search and recruiting systems find and attract the very best medical and dental professionals. We search the entire universe of candidates, not just those who respond to ads or post their resumes on job boards. Our temp-to-hire and guaranteed direct hire programs offer significantly reduced risk from hiring on your own. Lower cost, lower risk and higher quality combined produce maximum value for your recruiting investment for your practice.

Client Driven Service
At Medicus, we are dedicated to customer service. Before we refer a medical or dental office professional to your practice, we’ll get to know you and your organization from your practice areas to your computer system to your culture. Then we will determine a profile of the person you need considering skills, experience and your organization’s needs. We will help you develop a budget for the position, evaluate the duration of your needs and recommend strategies that fit your needs. Once we have completed job specifications, we are prepared to develop candidate pools and select qualified candidates.

Meticulous Screening
We continuously search the market for skilled medical and dental professionals. Our extensive network allows us to readily find qualified candidates for most roles. When we identify candidates, they are subjected to an extensive evaluation process including:

  • Detailed candidate application/skills inventory/preference analysis
  • In-depth interview and evaluation
  • Drug and nicotine testing (as needed or upon request)
  • Background investigation (as needed or upon request)

Guaranteed Results
Once qualified candidates are identified, we stay focused on solving your needs by:

  • Presenting only selected qualified candidates
  • Facilitating the hiring process as needed
  • Providing negotiation and closing assistance as needed
  • Following through to assure a successful assignment or hire
  • Guaranteeing your satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Medicus Staffing’s candidates?

Medicus Staffing candidates include all healthcare, administrative, dental, and clinical staff. Some examples of administrative healthcare placements include: front desk receptionist, healthcare records clerk, billing/coding staff, bookkeeping, accounting and IT professionals. Some examples of clinical healthcare placements include: phlebotomists, dental hygienists, healthcare assistants, LPNs, RNs, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

How are candidates selected?

We continually search the market for skilled medical and dental professionals. Our extensive network enables us to find qualified candidates for most roles. Our candidates undergo an extensive evaluation process that includes a detailed application and a thorough interview and evaluation.

Are Medicus Staffing temporary employees bonded?

Yes, all Medicus Staffing temporary employees are covered by a fidelity bond which provides an additional layer of coverage for its clients. The fidelity bond offers protection against dishonest or fraudulent acts of our employees, which includes embezzlement, theft, forgery and other intentional acts excluded from liability policies.

Does Medicus Staffing carry liability coverage for its temporary employees?

Medicus Staffing has an Errors & Omissions policy covering the work product of its temporary employees. Please contact one of our medical or dental recruiters for specific details on our policy.

What kind of experience do Medicus’ recruiters possess?

All of our Medicus recruiters have experience working in the medical and dental fields. Therefore, we are familiar with the rigorous standards demanded by the medical and dental professions. Our commitment to quality means we provide professionals who meet the highest standard of expertise.

How is Medicus Staffing different from other healthcare recruiting firms?

Medicus Staffing recruiting professionals work with your organization to identify the best possible solution to your staffing needs. Since we are developed and staffed by experienced professionals in the healthcare industry, we already have an in-depth understanding of the medical and dental communities and what it takes to work in a healthcare environment. Our recruiters are dedicated to customer service and before we refer a medical or dental professional to you, we will get to know you and your office from your practice areas and culture to your internal networks.

If needed, we will help you develop a staffing budget, evaluate the duration of your needs and recommend strategies that will accommodate you. Only after we are confident that we fully understand your environment and requirements will we send you an ideal candidate to meet your needs.

How does Medicus Staffing attract the best candidates?

Our experienced medical and dental recruiters search the entire universe of candidates, not just those who respond to ads or post their resumes on job boards, to find the best candidates for your position. We also provide candidates with benefits such as holiday pay, direct deposit, 401(k) and regular performance bonuses. Our selective screening process, conducted by our healthcare recruiters, includes an in-depth interview. The recruiters will evaluate the employment history, education, salary expectations, geographic preferences, and intangibles before a candidate is ever sent to your office.

What is temporary staffing?

A temporary employee is the best way to fill a short term or indefinite need and provides maximum flexibility to manage staff resources. Add or reduce staff as necessary. The temporary employee is a Medicus Staffing employee; we will bill you an hourly rate that includes all payroll and employment costs.

What is a temp-to-hire assignment?

A temp-to-hire assignment combines the flexibility of temporary staff with the opportunity for an extended trial period before hiring. During the trial period, the employee works as if on a temporary assignment, combining all costs in one hourly rate. Temp-to-hire medical and dental employees are eligible for hire, at no additional cost to you, after working on our payroll for 1000 hours. If you would like to hire an employee prior to completion of the required hours, you can do so by paying a pro-rated fee that is set forth in our Medicus Terms and Conditions.

What is a direct hire?

A direct hire is appropriate when a search is required to find an outstanding candidate with specific skills and experience. It provides the maximum size candidate pool as all presently employed candidates are considered. A search/recruiting fee calculated on starting base salary is paid for finding an ideal candidate that is immediately hired by your organization. The search fee is comparable to internal hiring costs. However, a much larger candidate pool is developed and risk is minimized by the Medicus Staffing guarantee outlined in the Medicus Terms and Conditions.

Can a company request a temporary employee with experience in specific areas and a specific skill set?

Yes. Medicus Staffing is continually recruiting candidates with experience in every practice area. The advantage of using Medicus Staffing is that trained recruiters can find you the medical or dental candidate specifically tailored to your office needs.

If you need a candidate with specific medical or dental experience, simply inform your healthcare recruiter and we will see that your needs are met.

What assurance is there that I will get good value for my investment?

Medicus Staffing temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire programs provide the best available person at a cost that is usually lower than internal recruiting and employment costs.

To provide further assurance, Medicus Staffing offers an 8-hour evaluation period for all of our temporary employees. If during the first 8 hours, the temporary employee does not meet your requirements, you will not be billed provided we are contacted during the employee’s first 8 hours on the assignment.

Direct hire employees are rigorously screened and qualified prior to hire. However, if for any reason during the first 30 days of employment the employee is found to be unqualified to perform the job for which they were hired to perform, and their employment is terminated, Medicus will either conduct a new search or refund the recruiting fee at your discretion.

Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Medicus Staffing for a few years now to obtain temporary staffing resources for ongoing projects.  I have always found them to be available, even on short notice, and responsive to our unique needs.  They really attempt to get the right fit for the employee and the client.  They work well with the client to resolve any issues that arise, and I value the working relationship that I have with them.  Other areas of my organization are also considering using them for their ability to meet our unique needs.  I would highly recommend them for your staffing needs."
- Practice Manager with one of the largest hospital systems, Richmond, VA


“For over 10+ years, I have utilized Medicus Staffing to help my practices. I first started working with Medicus my first year in Dentistry, when I was working with a new Dentist opening and building his practice.  We would call Medicus for staff needs and they always were able to help us out at the drop of a hat and always sent us highly qualified staff to help us get out of our bind.  I continue to utilize their staffing services to this day.  Always a pleasure to work with this team.” 
- Dental Practice Manager, that has worked at  different specialty practices in the Virginia area


“We have used Medicus Office Staffing for many years. We always get friendly, fast responses from the staff and recruiters. We typically use them for temp-to-hire situations and have gotten great results. They take the burden off of the employer and have freed up my time to do other things within our practice. If there is ever an issue or concern with a temp employee they always handle them quickly and efficiently. I have recommended this company to my colleagues.”
Practice Manager, large specialty practice, Richmond, VA


“I have been using Medicus Staffing for our physicians offices for 4 years. Medicus has provided quality personnel and service for our needs. Abby Baker goes above and beyond to accommodate all requests for coverage. All staff members at Medicus are helpful. This is a working relationship that will continue and I would highly recommend their service to other health care facilities.”
- Lab Manager for 15+ facilities, Richmond, VA


“I have worked with several medical staffing agencies.  Simply put, Medicus is by far the best.  They are responsive, creative, and provide quality candidates that fill the very specific needs that  are required by my organization. The staff at Medicus are simply great people to work with!  They are consistently professional, personable, and friendly.  I am confident that they listen to my unique requests and then find qualified staff. Medicus plays an essential role to our organization by providing us with staff members who are critical to our successful operation.  Thank you Medicus!”
- Camp Director of large nonprofit, Chesterfield, VA


“We have provided billing services for the medical community for over 30 years. Our clients range from a 50+ member specialty groups to a mobile vascular ultrasound company.  We process a very high volume of claims in any given year. When we look to bring in a new staff person it requires someone who has experience and can work in a fast-paced environment.   
Over the last three years, we have partnered with Medicus Staffing to find our qualified candidates.  We have been impressed with all aspects of Medicus Staffing.  From aligning their qualified candidate with our available position description, to the favorable temp-to-hire conversion terms, we have hired Medicus candidates as permanent full-time staff and anticipate that  Abby and her team will assist us with Staffing needs in the future.”
- Billing Accounts Manager for one of the largest specialty billing practices, Richmond, VA


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